Lake Travis Destinations Safety Briefing
 There is no lifeguard on this vessel. Swim at your own risk!!
 Lifejackets are provided and their locations will be disclosed by the Captain. Please inform the Captain if you are a non-swimmer.
Do NOT congregate on one side of vessel. Keep boat level side-to-side/front-to-back.
Do NOT jump off this vessel when it is moving.
Do NOT open any exterior gates, chains or remove safety bar from slide.
Do NOT go beyond the exterior gates while vessel is in motion. This includes
dangling your feet and legs off the sides of the vessel.
Do NOT enter the water until the Captain has turned off all motors and given
the “ALL CLEAR” signal.
Do NOT sit on any exterior or interior railings. Do not sit or stand on the
Do NOT attempt to use the slide in any dangerous manner. This includes
standing, surfing, multiple people at once, etc. Slide on back, stomach, or
buttocks only.
 Extinguish all SMOKING materials in the provided receptacles.
 Place all trash in the provided receptacles.
Do NOT throw any foreign objects in the toilet (including toilet paper). Foreign objects, including
toilet paper, will clog the system and render it inoperable. Throw all foreign
objects in the trashcan provided.

Rules and Cost Information Sheet
Below is a detailed cost schedule for all party boat
 Putting any foreign objects in toilet (including toilet paper) – $200
 Breaking chains/rails on vessel – $50
 Breaking life jacket carriers – $200
 Excessive trash/debris cleanup fee – $100
 Falling off or jumping off vessel – $500 and removal from vessel
 Throwing others off boat – $500 and removal from vessel
 Fighting – $500 and removal from vessel
 Urinating on company property – $300 per infraction
 Misuse of boat water slide in any way – $500 and removal from vessel
 Noncompliance of Captain’s orders – $500 and removal from vessel
 Any actions that require law enforcement involvement – $500 and removal
from vessel


20% gratuity for the captain is required on the day of your charter (Cash, Venmo, or Credit Card).

The only boat we have with a restroom is our cruiser, but there are restrooms at the marina as well.

There is an online booking fee of 6%, but you can avoid this by paying over the phone.

Cancellation Policy:

Weekdays (Monday-Thursday): Full refund with at least 48 hours notice. $100 cancellation fee with less than 48 hours notice.

Weekends (Friday-Sunday): Full refund with at least 14 days notice. $100 cancellation fee with less than 14 days notice. NO REFUND with less than 48 hours notice.

Holidays (May 26th-May 29th, June 30th-July 3rd, September 1st-September 4th): Minimum $100 cancellation fee charged for ALL cancellations. NO REFUND with less than 48 hours notice.

Your captain has the right to cut off party members from drinking and to end the trip if necessary, with no refunds given.

Please leave your boat ready for the next trip (trash receptacles will be provided).

No Jell-O shots, No glitter, No Silly String, No beer bottles (cans only please). Liquor and wine bottles are fine.

Food is allowed, but please nothing too messy (popcorn, watermelon, etc). Use common sense.

Minimum of $300 cleanup fee may be charged if boat is left in unacceptable condition.

Smoking is allowed in any outdoor area, but any damages from burns will result in a minimum of a $500 dollar replacement fee.

Any body fluids that end up in the boat will also be charged a $300 dollar cleaning fee.

Please arrive on time. Our boats have two trips a day and extensions may not be possible.

It is recommended that you arrive at the marina at least 20 minutes before your departure time.

LOCATION: Paradise Cove Marina, 17141 Rocky Ridge Rd, Austin, TX 78734. Parking is $15 per vehicle (no charge for ride-share drop offs/pick-ups).

***NOTE*** We have no affiliation with Paradise Cove Marina, we only operate our business from this location.

By signing below you agree to pay all charges incurred.
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Lessee Signature: ______________________________________________________________
Date: __________________________________________________________________________
Captains Gratuity is not included.

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